This beautiful, hand-crafted bracelet, featuring the Royal Cypher, makes the perfect gift for:

• Graduation

• Reunions

• Alumni

• Anniversaries

• Valentines Day

• Birthdays

and more.

You can order your William & Mary Bracelet with, or without, personalized engraving to celebrate or commemorate any occasion. Please see our order page for further details on our bracelet, and for ordering.

We would like to introduce you to the studio we have engaged to make our bracelet for us.
Taber Studios is recognized as one of the highest quality, and oldest Craft/Arts jewelry studios in America. Taber Studios was founded by Robert Taber, who received his BA in Art History here at William & Mary in 1963. He founded Taber Studios in 1972 as a jewelry arts studio in the philosophy and tradition of the Arts and Crafts movement, and the majority of Taber Studios' designs are inspired by various artists, and periods of art, utilizing Robert’s Art History education here at William & Mary. 

Robert says about his work, and of the work of Taber Studios:

“When you look at each individual piece, as well as all of our work taken together, it is the visual counterpart of going to a classical concert and hearing a pianist playing a sonata. That's because we work in the manner of a Renaissance Craft Guild, where the artist/craftsman will work, not just for years, but for decades, using the same basic hand tools and hand techniques, and slowly developing and evolving their designs and their skills over time. In both cases, the artist has to develop excellent skills in their hands, and sensitivities in their souls, and then transpose these skills and sensitivities into their music and their art.”

The College of William & Mary is proud to present the official William & Mary Bracelet, in collaboration with Taber Studios, an artisan jewelry studio founded in 1972 by Robert Taber, class of ’63.

Taber Studios' Artisan Craftsmanship